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EZ-ACCESS Advantage Suitcase Ramp

$350.00 $310.00

EZ-ACCESS Advantage Suitcase Ramp Specifications:
Weights & Dimensions
2 ft. accommodates 3″-7″ rise Size

Overall Ramp Length – Front to Back: 24′
Thickness of Ramp Platform: 7″
Folded Height – Top to Bottom: 29″
3 ft. Accommodates 3″-10″ Size

Overall Ramp Length – Front to Back: 36′
Thickness of Ramp Platform: 10″
Folded Height – Top to Bottom: 29″
4 ft. accommodates 3″-14″ rise Size

Ramp Rise: 48″
Thickness of Ramp Platform: 14″
Folded Height – Top to Bottom: 29″
5 ft. accommodates 3″-18″ rise Size

Overall Width – Side to Side: 60″
Thickness of Ramp Platform: 18″
Folded Height – Top to Bottom: 29″
6 ft. accommodates 3″-21″ rise Size

Overall Width – Side to Side: 72″
Thickness of Ramp Platform: 21″
Folded Height – Top to Bottom: 29″

Additional Weights & Dimensions

24-in. Accommodates 3”-7” rise: 29” W x 24” L
36-in. Accommodates 3”-10” rise: 29”W x 36” L
48-in. Accommodates 3”-14” rise: 29” W x 48” L
60-in. Accommodates 3”-18” rise: 29” W x 60” L
72-in. Accommodates 3”-21” rise: 29”W x 72” L
Product Weight: 12 lbs



EZ-ACCESS Advantage Suitcase Ramp

EZ-Access Suitcase Ramps – Advantage Series are single-fold aluminum ramps for scooters and all wheelchair types. Advantage Series ramps are available in five sizes and designed to bridge the gap over steps, curbs, and raised landings as well as some mini vans end or side entrances.

Suitcase ramps feature “take anywhere” portability. Its single-fold design sets up quickly and folds in half lengthwise to be carried like a suitcase with convenient attached handle. The self-adjusting bottom transition plate feature allows for smooth, easy conversion from ramp to ground.


Five ramp lengths, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet
Made of strong lightweight aircraft aluminum
Ramp surface is covered with high-quality skid-resistant tape
Each ramp half has yellow safety stripe down outside edge
Ramp folds in half lengthwise or separates at hinge points with removable pins
Each ramp half has built-in carrying handle
Ramp side rail is 2-1/2″ in height
Each ramp half has self-adjusting 6″ long transition plate at bottom
Each ramp half has 3″, solid, angled transition lip at the top
Each ramp half will accommodate the OPTIONAL 6″ Top Lip Extension plate (TLE)
Ramp halves can be spread apart to accommodate other 4-wheeled units

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