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Invacare ITFG Matrx Flovair Cushion



Invacare ITFG Matrx Flovair Cushion
Invacare’s Matrx Flovair Cushion combines foam, air and fluid for a cushion that gives individuals with postural asymmetry and/or skin integrity issues functionality, stability and comfort.

Starting with the positioning foam base, the Matrx Flovair Cushion builds on a waterfall front edge and soft foam that grants immersion of the pelvis for a stable and comfortable experience. Alignment of the lower extremities, and positioning in general, is extremely important for the health of the user, and the Matrx Flovair Cushion makes this a priority with medial and lateral thigh supports. The cushion’s trochanter cutouts provide proper pressure redistribution as well as adding to general comfort, and firm foam inserts under those cutouts increase support. Pelvic control is a requirement for proper stability and functionality, and the Matrx Flovair Cushion meets this requirement with posterior pelvic support; a sacral cutout enhances comfort and support for users sitting in a posterior pelvic tilt.

Next, a ThinAir bladder is designed for comfort, assisting in peak pressure redistribution away from bony prominences. The bladder also helps manage shear forces.

The fluid overlay works hand in hand with the ThinAir bladder, maximizing the surface area’s potential for pressure redistribution and shear management. With this two-layer comfort solution, the Matrx Flovair Cushion is perfect for a variety of different body types and the contours unique to each.

A combination of inner and outer covers provides optimal moisture resistance. The inner cover wipes clean with ease and has a zippered cover for convenient, quick access to the cushion for modifications. The outer cover features a non-slip base, a lifting strap and hook and loop fasteners.

The Matrx Flovair Cushion comes in widths of 16″, 18″ and 20″, and depths of 16″ and 18″. It measures 3.5″ high at the Adductor/Abductor, and 2.88″ at the Leg Trough. The cushion has a weight capacity of 300 lbs (larger sizes support up to 500 lbs), and it comes with a 2 year warranty.


Gentle or Max Contour
12 sizes
Positioning foam base
ThinAir bladder
Fluid overlay
Inner cover
Outer cover
2 year warranty

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